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        ABOUT US
        Huatie culture is a pursuit of long-term sustainable development of our enterprises with the collective talents of our employees. Every employee is part of the Huatie family and is trained and developed to maximize their potential.
        ? In 2008, Huatie implemented the "Talent Thriving Enterprise" strategy by recruiting industry experts and outstanding college graduates from major universities to ensure we have the right people that share our passion for perfection in our products.? Today, our management team has a strong foundation in quality first mindset, innovation, operation efficiency and most important of all people development
        In 2009, Huatie implemented the “Harmonious Enterprise" strategy, resulting in hiring of more than 650 new graduate students, urban workers and migrant workers from different areas.? Huatie provides employees with various benefits, including social security, health care, transportation, lunch, and others. ? Every staff within Huatie has fully demonstrated their commitment to our culture of quality and caring for each other and the community. Huatie encourages its employees to help the community through our various programs coordinate with the local government.