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        Company Strength
        Huatie’s product superiority is due to three factors: 1) Ability to control component quality with a comprehensive quality plan and manufacturing process in accordance to both IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015; 2) Continuous product and process improvements through innovation; 3) Comprehensive testing procedure with state of art in-house testing capability. Huatie uses the most advanced ERP software system to ensure that all steps within our manufacturing process is checked and followed, from material acceptance to product shipment.
        Huatie Values
        Huatie Values
        ● Leading transportation cooling industry by creating first-class product
        ● Establish the Huatie brand based on quality and innovation
        ● Focus on detail in pursuit of constant operational improvement
        ● Win customers with honesty, integrity, and world class service
        ● Use efficient management system to ensure full integration
        Advanced ERP and Automation system efficiently integrate all facets of operation and production